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Dual Credit Opportunities

Each student and their parent/guardian should consult their Guidance Counselor for additional information prior to committing to taking dual credit courses. All courses must be reviewed by a counselor prior to registration.  Fees are determined by the institution granting dual credit (NETC or USC-L).
Northeastern Technical College-Cheraw Campus
Open to all grade levels
Course offerings-online and on campus
Dual Credit Coordinator: Chad Vick
NETC offers open enrollment; students may pick up a registration packet from Mr. Vick on Tuesdays.  His office is located within the Guidance Office.
University of SC-Lancaster Campus
Open to rising Juniors (and ADC students)
Course offerings-online and on campus
Dual Credit Coordinator: Dominique Waller
Application Fee: $10 per academic year  
Summer 2021 Application Deadline: *Contact Mrs. Brown-Gillespie immediately      
Fall 2021 Application Deadline: July 15, 2021
Spring 2022 Application Deadline: December 15, 2021
2021-2022 Enrollment Process Steps:
1) Complete 2021-2022 Dual Enrollment Packet
2) Complete Immunization Form (Students not attending class on USC-L's campus will skip sections A & B.  In Section D, choose the last option which states that you will only be enrolling is distance education classes.)
4) Contact Mrs. Brown-Gillespie to select Fall classes
5) Return all completed forms to Mrs. Brown-Gillespie prior to the stated deadline.
6) Check email and mail regularly for correspondence from USCL regarding application status.