2020-2021 School Year

Welcome back!!!!!  It has been a long five months and I hope you are as ready as I am to get back into the classroom.  2020 has given us numerous challenges, but I feel that if we work as a team we will reach our goals this schools year.  
This year I, like many of my fellow Teachers, will be teaching students online as well as in the classroom. This is a new adventure and I am sure there will be ups and downs along the way both for the Teachers as well as the Students.  
For my classroom students, I will see you on August 24th.  My classroom is located in Room 127, which is located at the end of the middle hallway (McDonald's End of Building) on your right.  Upon entering my classroom, you will travel through the Shop Area and continue into the Classroom area.  Desk in our Classroom have been spaced with six feet of clearance between them and each student will have an assigned seat.  Seat assignments have been arranged as to limit each desk to one student a day.  Our room will be sanitized each afternoon and made ready for the next group of students on the following day.  If you should need an extra accommodations, please see me during the first week.  Supplies for in class students will simple be 1 Single Subject Notebook and something to write with.  We will use a Classroom set of books, so you will not be assigned a book to take home.
Online classes will begin the second week of September.  Prior to the start of your online class, I will contact you with access/passwords for the online materials that we will be using during your course.  It will be extremely important for you to check your email account and Goggle Classroom account daily to stay on top of class information and announcements.  Communication will be the key to a successful class.
If you or your parents should ever have any questions, please do no t hesitate to contact me via email at mhunter@chesterfieldschools.org.
Good Luck this Year!!!!!!