Wrapping it Up

Check your calendars and remember the big turn-in day on Wednesday, April 29th.  We'll wrap up our year with two creativity challenges.  One lesson is about doughnuts and the other is about your name, since you didn't get the chance to finish the Name Project.  The link below will take you the assignments. 
Seniors, Dr. Bryant says that you MUST turn in all assignments by Wednesday, May 13th.  Underclassmen, you may submit your work that day, as well; but the absolute deadline is Wednesday, May 20th.  No one has to take a final exam.  
On a personal note, being back in my classroom today makes me miss you all a little extra.  I never imagined that our year would end this way.  I care about each one of you and hope that you are safe and happy.  

Updated Instructions

I enjoyed talking on the phone with parents.  I am thankful that everyone is healthy.

A few moms asked questions about the vague “learning opportunities” I offered, understandably.  Therefore, I edited all the directions to be specific about  earning credit for this semester.  Follow the link to my updated Planbook.  Start reading on March 18th and stop on April 29th.

Art Relieves Stress

Hey Everybody,
Harvard did a study about art and stress.  As it turns out, doing any kind of art for 30 minutes a day can reduce the stress hormone, cortisol.  Furthermore, it works whether the person is good at drawing or not.  It is my hope that art will help you through this time.  
When you finish all you want to do from the 50 Drawing Ideas and/or the Sketchbook Journal, move on to this new list.  There are 17 fresh drawing topics on Planbook to keep you drawing.  The goal is for you to keep skills you worked so hard to build since January.  The first link I posted will show you the updated lessons.  Take care, everybody.