Cheraw High School

About My Class

Social Studies is an important subject for students to understand. During my classes I will be providing insight and information about the various Social Sciences. I will be doing this through a variety of teaching methods ranging from in class notes, poster projects, and videos that ultimately culminate with weekly quizzes and bi-weekly tests. Students are encouraged to stay on top of homework and attendance. I do not believe in assigning homework or projects to keep students busy. I only assign items that I believe will benefit students in learning the subject material. Students who complete all their homework and are on time every day will be rewarded by me allowing them to use their notebook during tests. If a student is not present during a test though, they forfeit the right to this privilege on a make-up test. Students will have the opportunity to gain extra credit by attending after school study sessions for which they can gain 5 points on the test for each session they attend. As you can tell, I try to make this class as fun and easy as possible. Therefore I expect students to do their best in my classes.
Class Materials Needed

2- 1.5in binders

2- 5 set binder dividers


College ruled notebook or filler paper for binders


Classroom Rules

#1 Do your best
#2 Do YOUR OWN work

#3 Ask questions/ for help
#4 Interact in class
#5 Respect EVERYONE

Students taking my course will be expected to meet the following standards outlined by the State Board of Education. A link to these standards is posted below.