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NCAA Eligibility

Parent and Student Information session
Wednesday, January 12th at 6:30 pm 
CHS Commons 
Come learn tools and tips from NCAA former Education Rep, Coach, Former and Current Athletes

Athletic Eligibility

Students planning to participate in college athletics should talk with their coach regarding NCAA Eligibility. It is the responsibility of the student and the parent to determine all eligibility requirements including course, GPA, and test score requirements. A Guide for the College-Bound Student Athlete can be found at Click on “Student Athlete Experience” and then under the Eligibility Center Related Link, click on the Guide to the College Bound Athlete. Or click on the link below.
Visit the Eligibility Center web site at for more information and to sign up.
Steps to Achieveing Your Eligibility:
ATTENTION Freshmen or Graduating Class of 2016 and beyond:
The NCAA Eligibility Center recently launched a website specifically dedicated to educating students and parents about the new NCAA Division I eligibility standards for 2016 and beyond. If you are interested in playing Division 1 Collegiate Sports you need to know the rules and requirements. Please visit the NCAA Eligibility Center website to learn about this new legislation at
Start planning now!
Work hard to get the best grades possible.
Take classes that match your high school's lit of NCAA courses. The Eligibility Center will use only approved core courses to certify your initial eligibility.
You can access and print your high school's list of NCAA courses at
If you fall behind, use summer school sessions before graduation to catch up.
At the beginning of your junior year, complete your registration at
Register to take the ACT, SAT or both and use the Eligibility Center code “9999” as a score recipient. Doing this sends your score directly to the Eligibility Center.
Double-check to make sure the courses you have taken match your school's list of NCAA courses.
Ask your high school guidance counselor to send an official tanscript to the Eligibility Center after completing your junior year. If you have attended more than one high school, the Eligibility Center will need official transcripts from all high schools attended (The Eligibility Center does NOT accept faxed transcipts or test scores.)
Before registering for classes for your senior year, check with your high school counselor to determine the amount of core courses that you need to complete your senior year.
Take the ACT and/or SAT again, if necessary. The Eligibility Center will use the best scores from each section of the ACT or SAT to determine your best cumulative score.
Continue to take college prep courses.
Check the courses you have taken to match your school's list of NCAA courses.
Review your amateurism responses and request final amateurism certification on or after April 1 (for fall enrollees) or October 1 (for spring enrollees).
Continue to work hard to get the best grades possible.
Graduate on time (in eight academic semesters).
After graduation, ask your high school counselor to send your final transcript to the Eligibility Center with proof of graduation.