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Mr. Lide enjoys teaching chemistry at Cheraw High School and has high expectations for all of his students.
Mr. Lide wants all of his students to be successful and stresses that students should apply themselves to reach their goals.
" YOU + MOTIVATION = SUCCESS "   updated April 29th

I hope that you are staying safe during this time and are taking care of yourself and others.

I have posted all assignments on this web page. These are meaningful, standard-based assignments. This time is considered instructional days, it is important that you complete the work.   PLEASE COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENTS.

To do the instructions, you will need notebook paper or a computer to type your responses to the instructions. You do not need to print the assignment, just read assignment and respond to the instructions. You may read the assignments on your phone or computer. The Week 6 and Week 7 assignments are the last of the year and due May 18th. ( Seniors due May 15th)

You may bring your completed assignments to school, email them to me, or send me a picture of the finished work using your phone.  PLEASE complete these assignments as the grades are counted as project grades, equal to test grades.(100 points max) for each one.



Coronavirus UPDATED

UPDATED Due to the Coronavirus, school has been closed until further notice but learning is to continue.
Assignments are posted here. Assignments are to be completed and turned in for grades as the year progresses.  These are all of the grades so far, so they are very important.
Complete the assignments on notebook paper and hold on it them for grading OR type them on computer and email them to me.  If you are using paper, use the back of your paper as more than one week can be on one sheet of paper.

Please read and complete the activities. UPDATED

UPDATED You should be able to access the material from your computer or phone.  You only need to be able to read and see the assignment as you complete them on your paper or on your computer. These assignments are due April 29, 2020.  Stay safe.  Watch for further updates