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Mr. Prevatte's home page

843-927-1000 (main office at Cheraw High School)
See the document at the bottom of the page for the most up-to-date office hours.  However, as a general guideline, I'm available immediately after school for extra help, questions, or make-up labs/tests.

Online Resources that may be useful:

1) ACT Practice Questions for Science:

2) Khan Academy:

If you can't remember how to do those Ideal Gas Law Problems or get confused in Stoichiometry, Khan Academy is a great website with lots of examples. You'll probably need to take the time to set up an account first. Do it. This website will be useful even in your college science and math classes.

3) Your Chemistry Textbook, online:

As of August 2017, online access to our chemistry textbook is no longer supported by the publisher.

4)  is an excellent interactive version of the periodic table of the elements.

5) Chemistry Pathfinder
See the file below labeled CHS Chemistry Pathfinder 2015. This document was created by our Media Center Specialist, Mrs. McCarn. It lists print resources from our Media Center as well as several useful online resources.