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Career Information

Career Exploration Websites
SCOIS (South Carolina's Occupational Information System) - take career assessments, explore colleges, learn about careers and labor markets:
username and password: cherawhs
Career Ready 101 (see your Career Specialist for a username and password):
Ferguson's Career Guidance Center: discover occupations and industries that best match your personal interests, explore jobs and industries, use the school search to browse colleges and universities of interest, learn the essentials of getting a job and keeping it (writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing skills).
Interest, Personality, and Learning Style Assessments
Holland Code Personality test:
Keirsey Personality test:
Learning Style Preferences:
Links to Various Military Branches                                            
  • Army
  • Marine Corps                                                    
  • Navy                                                                                                      
  • Air Force
  • National Guard                                                                                  
  • Coast Guard